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    Episode 067: Running A Global Organization with Andy Hilliard
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    Episode 067: Running A Global Organization with Andy Hilliard

    June 2022

    Andy Hilliard, CEO at Accelerance, was in a banking career that was draining his energy. On a cross country skiing trip, Hilliard decided to leave banking to join the Peace Corps. It was in the Peace Corps where he saw first hand how different cultures achieve happiness, as well as business development mistakes and opportunities he could apply to his future.

    Today, Hilliard runs a global organization that helps companies find the right outsourcing partners. Hilliard works with businesses in countries throughout the world, where he blends cultures today and enhances everybody's experience. He also takes what he learns with interactions throughout the world to differentiate Accelerance. 

    Check out Andy's book Outsource or Else, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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