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    Episode 079: Mike & Cindy Praeger Running Businesses Synchronously
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    Episode 079: Mike & Cindy Praeger Running Businesses Synchronously

    December 2022




    Mike & Cindy Praeger sold their first business together in their 20s. They looked at this sale not as a finale, but as a building block. Cindy learned that is was her job to find people's super powers and bring the right people into a company. One of Mike's takeaways was "Everybody tries to boil the ocean right at the beginning." Instead, Mike said, we must solve a narrow pain point.

    Mike went on to co-found Avid XChange, which he has since taken public and remains Chairman and CEO. Cindy co-founded and is Managing Partner at Rhythm Systems, where she helps CEOs and their companies achieve their strategic goals. This episode is filled with advice and lessons from both of their journeys.

    Follow Mike on Instagram @MikePraeger, and connect with him on LinkedIn. Connect with Cindy on LinkedIn, and check out Rhythm Systems.


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