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    Episode 017: Shifting Gear In Your Career and Life, Founder & CEO Robert Fish

    August 2020

    It's difficult building a business and selling it. It's difficult coaching and helping mid market CEOs steer their companies. It's difficult being a pro mountain bike racer. It's even more difficult to become pro at age 40 racing against people half your age. This episode's guest, Robert Fish, has done all of those things at an elite level. Robert shares about changing directions in your life, why the word pivot is typically the wrong way to think about making a change, and how to build upon your passions.

    Robert also takes us through his incredible journey of becoming a pro mountain bike racer at 40 years old after having tremendous business success and still being in his career. If you are looking for a great business book about achieving epic wins, Robert's book The Break Away Move is the book for you. Reach out to Robert at, or check out his company here.

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