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    Episode 035: Starting & Building A Business Together
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    Episode 035: Starting & Building A Business Together

    April 2021

    Over 19 years ago, Amy Pack and Patty Comer had a vision for a company. Today, they are still running AccruePartners together, taking vacations together, and maintaining a great relationship through it all. 

    In this episode, we walk through the creation and founding of AccruePartners. We discuss the dynamics of a partnership from co-founding to growing the business. We learn about innovation and forward thinking strategies.

    Amy and Patty also take us behind the scenes on things such as culture, people, and values. Be prepared to take away many lessons on how to work with others on a vision and have fun while succeeding along the way!

    Check out Accrue Partners , reach out to them at, or, and connect with Patty and Amy on LinkedIn.

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