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    Episode 068: Taking Over A Family Business with Roddey Player

    July 2022

    Roddey Player worked in his father's business as a kid. As a young professional, he moved into the business full time. Roddey then proceeded to work up the company, before taking over as CEO 14 years ago. In this episode, Player shares the insight of growing up in a family business.

    Today, Queen City Audio Video & Appliances is a flourishing retail business. We dive into the difficulties and evolution of retail businesses. We go into leadership styles and decision making. Player shares what he learned in his early years of the business that helped shape how he acts as CEO. Player talks about how the customers, suppliers, and people are the 3 legs of the stool in his business.

    Check out Queen City Audio Video & Appliances and connect with Roddey on LinkedIn.

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