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    Episode 038: Taking Tech Firms From Startup to Exit
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    Episode 038: Taking Tech Firms From Startup to Exit

    May 2021

    John Espey was working in a mailroom when a coworker was complaining about a coding issue. John was able to solve the problem. The next day, the head of IT told him that he would no longer be working in the mailroom and would be coding instead. 

    Fast forward to today and John just had an exit from a company he co-founded, Levvel, has a plethora of C-suite and advisory experience, and is the CEO & Co-Founder at Defiance Ventures. John also hosts the Defiance Ventures podcast.

    John may be a long ways removed from the mailroom, but the path from there to today is still clear. He shares his journey and lessons in this episode. We discuss hurdles of growth in the tech world and hiring and placing the right people in the business. John talks about building the future and innovation.

    Be sure to listen to Defiance Ventures podcast where you listen to Anything But Typical, connect with John on LinkedIn, and check out Defiance Ventures.

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