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    Episode 015: The Power of Mentorship with Chris Elmore & Stacy Cassio

    July 2020

    Chris Elmore has been with AvidXChange, the first unicorn (billion dollar valuation of a private company) in Charlotte, NC. Stacy Cassio is the Founder & CEO of the Pink Mentor Network, which is a high growth female mentorship community, and the first of its kind in Charlotte. So when these two accepted coming on to Anything But Typical together to discuss mentorship, we knew it would be a powerful episode.

    Chris & Stacy packed this episode with nuggets of wisdom. Stacy shared her 6 Mentorship Levels. Chris, who has published 9 books and over 500 articles, gave us insight on his writing process. Each went in depth on each side of mentorship- including how to approach getting a mentor and what the mentor can get out of the relationship. Be sure to check out and follow Chris on LinkedIn. Also check out, follow Stacy on LinkedIn. Follow @PinkMentorNetwork and @TheChrisElmore on Instagram.

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