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    Episode 058: Think Big, Dream Big, Be Big with Christopher Dennis
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    Episode 058: Think Big, Dream Big, Be Big with Christopher Dennis

    February 2022

    Think big, dream big, be big. That is today’s guest’s motto. Many people go around life and can point out flaws or inequities. Few do something about it. Christopher Dennis is the Principal of E-Fix Development and E-Fix Housing Solutions. He’s also the Founder of the nonprofit Community Dream Builders. Dennis has been a long time community leader in revitalizing what used to be one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the Charlotte, NC area. He also has served for over 22 years in the Air Force National Guard.

    Christopher Dennis is a lead by example individual. He goes way beyond talking about getting things done. If you want to learn from somebody who has created positive community impact while running successful businesses, this is the podcast for you.

    Check out E-Fix Housing Solutions and E-Fix Development and follow Christopher on LinkedIn.

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