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    Episode 012: Vision With A Purpose, Founder & CEO Daniel McCollum
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    Episode 012: Vision With A Purpose, Founder & CEO Daniel McCollum

    June 2020

    This episode's guest, Daniel McCollum, runs Torrent Consulting as a Purpose-Driven Company. Torrent is a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner focused on serving mid-market companies in the US. We dive in to creating and growing a successful business while maintaining a focus on the core purpose of the organization.

    Daniel also shares their in depth 3 year vision planning process. The thought and organization behind this is certainly worth emulating.Prior to starting Torrent, Daniel was a Economic Development Consultant in Africa for a year. He calls this a "life clarifying" experience in his life. In our conversation, Daniel also goes deep in to micro niching. Be sure to pay attention to how he has grown and succeeded by decreasing his potential client size.Check out Daniel on LinkedIn and look in to Torrent Consulting on their Web Site.

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