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    Ep 003: What's Your Competitive Advantage - Tana Greene, CEO
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    Ep 003: What's Your Competitive Advantage - Tana Greene, CEO

    January 2020

    The journey of Tana Greene, from her beginnings to owning and running a 5 Time Top Fastest Growing National Company by Inc Magazine, is nothing short of awe inspiring. Tana is the Co-Founder and CEO of MyWorkChoice, a company that builds localized communities of highly productive, engaged, W-2 employees, transforming the way companies meet their contingent workforce needs through an easy to use mobile app. She is also the author of Creating A World of Difference, in which Tana shares her philosophy and approach to business, creating a culture of engagement that results in high performance.

    On top of running an unbelievably successful business and being a published author, Tana finds the time to share her story and lessons through speaking engagements.In this episode, we dive in to finding your competitive advantage, understanding and utilizing your strengths, and how people and culture breed competitive advantage. Tana expands on how core values act as a north star. She hits on the mentality of choosing to be a victim or a survivor. This is a must listen as Tana not only is an incredible example, but you will finish the episode motivated and energized!Check out My Work Choice and Tana on LinkedIn. Subscribe and leave a review. 

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