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    Episode 009: Why Leaders Actually Serve - Co CEOs Nick & Giovanni Gallo
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    Episode 009: Why Leaders Actually Serve - Co CEOs Nick & Giovanni Gallo

    May 2020

    Running a business can be extremely difficult. But running a business with your brother, while making sure the primary focus is serving others at all times, that is another level. This is exactly what this episode's guests, Nick & Giovanni Gallo, do. These brothers own and run ComplianceLine as Co-CEOs.In this wide ranging episode, we get to hear about the leadership heritage of these brothers, back to their entrepreneurial grandfather to had to flee Cuba and their grandmother who held the standard in the family for serving others. 

    Nick & Gio dive in to the dynamics of running the company together, the 2 year process of searching all over the country for the right business to buy, why they didn't go the startup route, the effects of their decision to utilize an outside investor group, and so much more. Be sure to check out Nick and Giovanni on LinkedIn, as well as ComplianceLine on their Web site.

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