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    108: How Automation Can Give You Back Your Time: Wilton Rogers
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    108: How Automation Can Give You Back Your Time: Wilton Rogers

    January 2024



    “I love life. I love to make people smile.” – Wilton Rogers III

    Growing up on a farm, Wilton got his very first taste of entrepreneurship: selling eggs to his mother’s friends at church.

    But it wasn’t the money that made his heart soar ($2 was his weekly profit!). It was the happiness he felt providing something people needed. That joy became his greatest form of payment.

    Multiple business opportunities would come & go throughout his life, but getting to know people, identifying their pain, & providing real solutions to better their lives was the common thread to them all. It still is.

    But what makes this story unexpected is that Wilton applied the same passion for people & service that inspired him as a kid to one of the coldest, most robotic industries on the planet: artificial intelligence.

    If stories of infusing purpose into unexpected places make your heart soar, listen to this podcast.

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