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    Episode 039: When You’re Told You Won’t Succeed- with Esbith Andaya
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    Episode 039: When You’re Told You Won’t Succeed- with Esbith Andaya

    June 2021

    Esbith Andaya lost his mother as a young kid. His father moved back to Mexico and Esbith went into foster care. Throughout school, he was told that he would never succeed. Teacher told him that he was dumb, that he would be a fast food employee for his entire life. That takes people to a fork in the road. You're either going to listen to what everybody is saying about you and accept your fate, or you're going to prove everybody wrong.

    Esbith became a voracious reader, soaking up information and constantly expanding himself. He took refuge in the lessons of the books he got his hands on. He found mentors to help guide him along the way. And he never let go of the motivation of being told all of the things he couldn't do.

    Today, Esbith owns and runs Insight Automation, the premier choice for Charlotte home theater installations and home automation. His journey to this point is extremely interesting, entertaining, and riddled with lessons.

    Connect with Esbith on LinkedIn and check out Insight Automation.

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