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    BGW Hosts a Seminar on How to Sell Your Business
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    BGW Hosts a Seminar on How to Sell Your Business

    October 2013

    The "Selling Your Business" Seminar provided great perspectives for business owners contemplating the sale of their business.  Jay Offerdahl of VR Mergers & Acquisitions and Gary Applegate of Centerpoint CFO, LLC shared great tips on key requirements for getting your business ready for sale, maximizing your expected proceeds and all that can be anticipated in the process.

    Key issues covered included the importance of having a strong management team in place for the buyer, balanced client and vendor rosters so that the company is not reliant upon one major resource, and the expectations of buyers including private equity firm for sound balance sheets, supporting financial schedules, and preparing due diligence packages.

    Offerdahl and Applegate spoke to the distinctions between net asset sales and stock sales and the requirements to achieve the latter.  Strategies to avoid "nibbling" and "deal fatigue" were covered as well as recommendations on developing a plan for the sale of the business, the importance of revenues in proceeding years, and getting the right professional team in place to advise the seller.

    Boatsman Gillmore Wagner hosts a free educational seminar on a monthly basis.  Please contact our office for more information at (704) 552-0553.

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