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    What Cyber Monday 2017 Tells Us About Online Marketing
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    What Cyber Monday 2017 Tells Us About Online Marketing

    November 2017

    Were you one of the shoppers battling the crowds at midnight on Black Friday? I wasn’t. Per usual, I stayed at home. The idea of elbowing my way through a store to score a bargain has never really appealed to me. No, I always wait around for the Monday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, when online sales are at their best. I am not alone in my preference.

    The final figures for Cyber Monday 2017 sales are in, and they broke all the records. According to data from Adobe, Cyber Monday 2017 generated almost $7 billion in revenue.  That's over $1 billion more than Cyber Monday 2016, and $1.5 billion and $3.7 billion more than on Black Friday 2017 and Thanksgiving Day 2017 respectively.  Mobile (smartphones and tablets) set a new record representing more than 47% of visits and 33% percent of revenue. Smartphone traffic alone grew over 22%. Those are incredible numbers, numbers that provide great news to American retailers. But for those of us not in the retail business? These numbers serve as stark truth that, more than ever, Americans shop and buy through the internet, and every business and professional service firm needs a strong, savvy web presence to compete.

    “But we don’t get customers from our website and social media. I’m not going to spend our time and money there.” If that’s your response when you hear someone push the importance of improving your online presence, you’re making a mistake. Clearly, Americans are showing their preference for online shopping. Your potential customers are researching, comparing, and selecting businesses and professional service firms based on what they find online. And your competitors who lead in your industry? They have a strong web presence with a website that makes their company stand out. They are creating quality content that they can regularly share with readers (blogs, newsletters, etc.), and they keep their brand visible across the social media platforms where their audience spends time. If you’re not doing the same, you’re putting yourself at a major disadvantage.

    If your web presence isn’t contributing to your growth, you need to give it more attention, not less. A website showcasing a list of the services you provide won’t cut it.  What is needed is a mobile-friendly, responsive website that shows off who are are -- not just what you do but how you do it (think company culture, brand image, etc.). An active stream of quality content, again via blogs and newsletters and blast emails,  that educates and informs your audience is also essential, as it showcases your knowledge and expertise in your field while helping you nurture relationships with potential and current clients. Get help in the areas where you need it. Outstanding online marketing typically involves a team of experts dedicated to individual pieces of a comprehensive strategy.

    Like it or not, you are being judged daily by the quality and variety of your online content. The impression people get of your company is often found first on your website. Don’t neglect it. Let Cyber Monday 2017 serve as a reminder to you that your online marketing strategy is critical to your success. Make sure you’re findable and, most of all, impressive.

    Tell us about your online marketing strategy. Do you feel you're doing enough?

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