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    How can CPA firms attract and retain top accounting talent?
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    How can CPA firms attract and retain top accounting talent?

    September 2023

    To be a top CPA firm, you need the best of the best in accounting working on your team. In this highly competitive industry, it is challenging to convince top talent to join your team and stick around. What can you do to make your firm more attractive? Keep reading to find out what these professionals recommend.

    John Kyprianou

    John Kyprianou

    Partner at .

    Offer Clear Career Development Paths

    One effective strategy that CPA firms can use to attract and retain top accounting talent is to offer a clear path for career development and advancement.

    Create well-defined career paths within the firm, outlining the steps and criteria for advancement from entry-level positions to senior roles. Transparency in career progression helps employees see a future with the company.

    Also, invest in continuous professional development and training programs. Encourage employees to pursue additional certifications, such as CPA or CMA, and provide financial support and study resources.

    Finally, implement mentorship programs where experienced professionals guide and support junior staff. This not only aids in skill development but also fosters a sense of belonging and growth.

    By offering these, CPA firms can attract and retain top accounting talent.

    Julia Kelly

    Julia Kelly

    Managing Partner at .

    Create a Stimulating Work Environment

    One effective strategy that CPA firms can use to attract and retain top accounting talent is to create a stimulating working environment. The most common example of this is providing access to related professional-development courses, such as financial planning or forensic accounting.

    This shows potential hires the opportunities available in the firm for growth that other employers may not offer and demonstrates an investment in the continued advancement of their employees' skills. It also creates team cohesion amongst workers through shared learning experiences.

    Lorenzo Nourchan

    Lorenzo Nourchan

    Promote a Work-Life Balance Policy

    For accounting firms to hold onto their staff, it's vital to prioritize a good work-life balance. When employees are content at work, they tend to stick around. A lot of CPA firms see people leaving because they don't get enough personal time. A direct fix is to set rules that let workers take breaks as they need and offer some freedom in how they manage their day.

    Accountants want to feel they're more than just an employee. They want to feel important and that their input matters. By building a place where people feel appreciated and can see paths to move up, more will stay with your firm. Keeping staff even when others are leaving helps the firm stay strong and work well, which is a problem many companies have to tackle.

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