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    Nothing Could Be Finer Than to Launch Your Business in North Carolina
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    Nothing Could Be Finer Than to Launch Your Business in North Carolina

    August 2023

    North Carolina’s climate is just right—for business, that is.

    Our state’s pro-business incentives, renowned higher education system, and leisure opportunities continue to attract talented people from across the globe. Any entrepreneur or business owner can reap the rewards of our great state by founding their establishment here.

    Below are some note-worthy things to know...


    North Carolina boasts the lowest corporate income tax rate in the U.S. at 2.5%. Combine the state’s lower cost of doing business with special incentives, like our state’s county tier or building reuse systems, and your organization is sure to flourish.

    North Carolina has earned kudos and a high standing as one of the best legal climates in the U.S. thanks to:

    • Stronger business courts
    • Reformed tort laws protecting business owners from severe liabilities
    • Streamlined processes have earned

    This translates to less red tape and litigation for business owners. Your establishment can soar to newer heights in less time.

    Workforce and Education

    There’s no shortage of talent here. Home to 17 public universities, 36 colleges, 58 community colleges, and 10 military installations, our residents are well-educated and highly-skilled.

    Our college system ranks third in the nation. Top education and research facilities, like UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, NC State, and NC A&T, prepare students for a bright future. In addition, they pave the way for scientific breakthroughs that transform our world.

    Our community colleges offer comprehensive vocational and technical programs across our state’s 100 counties. We’re proud to say our residents live within a 30-minute drive of a community college.

    NCWorks Customized Training program promotes a ripe and ready labor market by recruiting and training citizens for North Carolina businesses. It’s a well-established but highly tailorable, customizable program made to fit the specific needs of our industries.

    We’re more than happy to brag about our military community. We have the fourth largest active-duty military population in the U.S. Many of our military men and women will exit the armed forces in their thirties with plenty of decades left and skills to bring to their future employers. They’ll take with them experience in industries like IT, healthcare, engineering, research and development, communications, and many other fundamental fields.

    Additionally, our state draws in a large number of transplants yearly, expanding the talent pool selection for employers.

    Getting Around

    By land, air, or sea, getting anywhere from here is easy. Our four international, 11 regional, and 100 general aviation airports can assist you or your goods with air transportation.

    Our state-owned highway system (the second largest in the U.S.) can easily transport within or across state lines. Major access highways pass right through the heart of our state, stretching from New England to Florida and the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific.

    The state’s connected railway system is the largest in the nation. Our railways serve 22 other states (great for out-of-state commerce) and extend to the Atlantic Ocean, where our ports can attend to your shipping needs.

    Good Livin’

    North Carolina is the ninth most populous state. Maybe it’s our mild climate that draws people in, the below-national-average cost of living, or the thousands of things to do and see.

    From the beautiful Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains in the west to over 300 miles of coastline to the east and every small town and big city in between, you’re sure to enjoy living and working here.

    The rivalries between some of our top university basketball teams and the sprawling greens of our golf courses are nothing short of legendary. Take in the excitement and be part of the history at a famed NASCAR race. Join the cheering crowds at one of our professional hockey, basketball, and football games.

    Enjoy fellowship and refreshments in our foodie paradise. Relax and sip at one of our 100-plus wineries or the most extensive craft brewery scene in the south.

    With so much to do and see, making our home your home easy. Living and working in our state is a pleasure. Attracting and keeping talented workers is easy.

    Starting a Business in North Carolina

    The first step to starting a business is to enlist the services of business accounting and business strategy consulting services. They’ll help you check off all the following steps:

    1. Planning processes
    2. Business structuring
    3. Business registration
    4. Licensure and permissions
    5. Sales and use applications
    6. Employer Identification Number (EIN) application
    7. Tax structuring
    8. Insurance registrations
    9. Identifying and applying regulations
    10. Financing applications
    11. Creating your business bank account
    12. Securing your intellectual property

    North Carolina is Calling You

    North Carolina has a competitive labor market and low cost of living, with relatively low tax rates to match. We’re known for our highly-educated workforce and pro-business environment. Any business establishment can enjoy easy access to domestic and global markets.

    Starting a business in North Carolina involves multiple steps, including selecting and planning a business idea, registering and obtaining permits and licenses, and complying with tax and regulatory requirements. Enlist the help of a knowledgeable business accounting firm in NC to get started.

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