New Obamacare Regulations Proposed for Businesses with 51-100 Employees

The House and Senate passed legislation this week that gives mid-sized businesses a bit of hope.  If signed by the president, companies with 51-100 employees will no longer be considered “small businesses” under the Affordable Care Act.   The news is a (possible) welcome reprieve for many businesses in the 51-100 employee range.  Under previous […]

Is Obamacare’s Cadillac Tax In Trouble?

An excise tax provision in Obamacare, which is meant to contain health spending and generate revenue — approximately $80 billion between 2018 and 2023, according to the Congressional Budget Office — will likely affect the health benefit packages that employers offer.   The “Cadillac Tax”, set to take effect in 2018, is a 40% tax […]

New NC Budget: Higher Sales Tax, Lower Income Tax

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory signed a new budget into law Friday, marking the end of a near two month delay.  Infighting over Medicaid, economic development, and taxes stalled the passing of the budget, and lawmakers published a compromise bill just hours before McCrory signed it.  Included in the new budget are about $400 million […]

NC Wineries Stand Tall

Beer may be getting all the attention in North Carolina, but don’t count wine out just yet. The state’s 160+ wineries bring in big dollars — more than beer, in fact — and are an integral part of North Carolina tourism.   When it comes to viticulture, North Carolina stands strong. Thank the climate (and a […]

New Tax Return Due Dates

Late in July, the president signed into law a bill that included new due dates for certain tax returns, including many business returns.  These changes will arguably provide a better and more logical flow of information for taxpayers because the information they need to file individual 1040s or 1120s will now be available on time. […]

Death Taxes and the Stretch IRA

Dying is expensive.  Despite this year’s $5.43 million federal estate-tax exclusion, many heirs will still face steep tax bills mostly because of the income taxes due on inherited retirement accounts.   If you pass on a stock in a regular taxable account that has climbed in value, the cost of the investment for tax purposes […]

Repair Regulations Under Section 179

If you buy, build, or repair business assets, you probably have questions when trying to decide whether your costs are currently deductible on your federal income tax return or whether they’re capital improvements.  The answer falls under Section 179 of the tax code, and has always been an important one for small business owners. Together […]

NC Breweries Dominate the South

The Discovery Channel’s documentary “How Beer Saved the World” (check Netflix) traces the important role that beer has played throughout history — from the origins of beer at the dawn of history, to special beer developed specifically for space missions.  It’s a fun flick and in it the filmmakers present a fairly reasonable case for […]

Hedging 101, part 2: Accounting for Hedges

Earlier this month I provided an overview of hedging — how it works and what techniques investors and companies use — to help clear the confusion surrounding this often misunderstood financial topic.  And while a general understanding of hedging is good, it’s important to understand how it can affect your balance sheet and how you […]

Election 2016: The Democratic Candidates and Their Tax Plans

We’ve taken a look at the Republican candidates and their plans to reform taxes (part 1 and part 2).  Let’s now turn our attention to the Democratic candidates:   Lincoln Chafee The independent Rhode Island governor and former Republican senator from Rhode Island has yet to put forward a detailed tax plan.  On his campaign website, […]