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As many people in our community know, I'm a member of Vistage – a middle market CEO organization. Each quarter, Vistage polls its membership to submit answers to a series of questions. This poll is very similar to what the University of Michigan does when it develops its consumer confidence index. Vistage creates a similar index called the CEO confidence index. The 4th quarter report for 2011 is hot off the presses. It thankfully confirms Read More
I believe there are business lessons that we can learn from the movie "The Lion King".  My kids are big fans of the movie and just about everyone with kids (and many without) are familiar with the general plot line.   As I was thinking about 2011 results heading into 2012 for some reason I was struck by the scene in the movie when Rafiki, the monkey, is with a mature Simba working to convince him Read More
While nothing has passed yet in regards to payroll taxes, the following is a quick recap of each respective proposal from Republicans (as the Democrat's bill did not pass) and the compromise bill proposed in the Bipartisan Jobs Creation Act: Republican Jobs Creation Act Extend payroll tax cut. Extend bonus depreciation Tax 100% of unemployment benefits starting 2012.   There are a few other provisions in the Republican version of the bill – however these Read More
It's that time of year when companies are in the middle of budgeting and forecasting.  One of the questions I get asked a lot is 'how do I predict cash flow?' Recently I had my father, Jim Boatsman, a retired accounting professor, teach a two day seminar to all of our staff on analyzing financial statements, forecasting, and valuing a business. It was a great course, and we all learned some valuable techniques – one Read More
As we're in the middle of tax planning season, we've seen that a lot of our clients have restored health care benefits as part of general increases on profitability we're seeing in 2011. What often gets overlooked is the tax benefits associated with providing 'benefits.' There are generally state and federal tax credits available for certain small employers providing health insurance coverage for their employees. This post covers primarily the federal credit as each state Read More