Exiting Your Business

You have spent a great deal of your lifetime building a business and are now ready to transfer the business to a younger generation. Transferring leadership to the next generation is a process rather than an event. While there is a time frame within which the transition will occur, the actual amount of time taken for the process will vary. It will depend on you, your family, and the type of business you own. This is a difficult process for most family businesses. The failure to face and plan for succession is an all-too-common problem.   Be one of the few family businesses that survive the transfer of ownership by understanding your business, your family, and the process for exiting successfully.

Take our self-assessment to see where you stand with respect to having a solid estate and succession plan in place. Our white paper provides more details as to what you need to do to develop a sound plan.  The articles and FAQs are updated from time to time with additional suggestions and thought leadership.

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